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From our blog you can learn a lot of important and useful information about, for example, how you can visually approximate the size of your foot to the “standard”, which shoes will look better on your foot and how not to make a mistake with the size when ordering shoes through an online store. You will also learn how to properly take care of your shoes, so that they will serve you for many years. Look for this and other interesting information on our website!

In the product catalog “Your Size” you will be able to choose a beautiful and very stylish pair of shoes for any occasion – soft, high-quality and, most importantly, practical and very comfortable. The one that can be worn without resorting to lining the insoles, without the additional cost of “stretching” and other tricks that usually have to be resorted to in the process of wearing just bought shoes. Believe me, with our branded shoes, this is really possible if everything is done correctly and consistently.

our products are manufactured on the most modern equipment;
the professionalism of the masters is at the heart of each of our pairs;
the refined taste of a number of world designers is realized in the shoes.

High—quality clothing is an important issue for every family where there are adults and children.

Things from the Intranet store are of high quality. Products for boys and girls, men, women, and other clothes have a certain charm: beautiful models look romantic and modern at the same time.

In the online store you will find all kinds of clothes for the whole family. Manufacturers use only high-quality materials: the fabrics are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. You can also buy clothes wholesale or retail at very inexpensive prices from any city. Form orders and managers will call you to clarify it.

The website presents an assortment of clothes that can meet the requirements of each of our clients. There are clothes for all categories: children’s clothes, adults, women’s and men’s. On the site you will find only those models that have passed the test for quality, relevance in this and next seasons, and availability for every family.

We offer to buy things at retail and wholesale at the lowest prices.

Special promotional offers are updated monthly.