Rules Were Made to be Broken

Rug Rules, No More!

Designers love to follow rules. However, they also know that rules are meant to be broken, provided that you do it the right way. Designers also love to break the rules when their clients give them the freedom to play; they make magazine-worthy spaces. Maybe it is decor inception when we talk about rules for breaking rules, but we will go with it, a design should be fun after all.

Probably the biggest rule that we hear about and see over and over again is the rug size. It should be 12 or 18 inches from the wall and it should always go under your furniture. While this rule makes a lot of sense and often creates a sense of cohesiveness in design, it can be broken down. You just have to know how to work it out. With a little creativity, you can smash this rule with a sledgehammer and create a space that will make people green with envy. Let’s say you have a modern space with strong, clean lines and you have a rug that you don’t wish to cover up the whole space with, so, don’t. Place the rug in a way that its edges just meet the inner edges of your sofa. Place your other furnishings and accessories to enhance the asymmetry. If you are going to break the rules, do it in a bold manner so that there is no sign of an intentional mistake. If you have a collection of smaller rugs that you love, go ahead and use them all in one room, layer them or create one big rug with them, play with their placement until you get a look that works. When it happens, you will know.

In the bedroom, there are so many rules. The biggest one being that your rug must be at least 8 feet by 10 feet if you have a king-sized bed. Well, if you have a king-sized bed but not a king-sized budget, getting a rug that large is out of the question. You can either put a rug at the foot of your bed and put a nice bench on top of it or you can get rugs bedside, they don’t even have to match, just make sure they coordinate. It’s an instant style and a unique design as if a professional came to your home and taught you how to shatter those design rules. Go wild and layer, take that massive rug that you bought when you followed all the rules and top it with your new bedside rugs. Or pop a faux animal rug in front of your dresser and create a defined dressing area. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures on your bedroom floor.

Design rules are dictated by the style of the day i.e., they change throughout the years, and though some stand the test of time, all of them can be successfully broken. Successfully breaking a design rule means using your instinct and imagination while retaining a sense of balance in design elements. Sometimes you need to turn the rules on their head and be innovative and imaginative in your design. Roll out the rug for your inner rebel and break some rug rules.



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